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For Sensitive, Intuitive, Creative and Spiritual Persons

You may have arrived at this web site because you are interested in your sensitivity, intuitive feelings, creativity or dreams. Perhaps you appreciate living a simple self-aware lifestyle. Holistic health and alternative wellness is something you may value. You could be a healer, an idealist or an artisan.

Maybe you have a spiritual consciousness. You may enjoy being alone but you may have also felt like a loner or an outsider. As with many of us you may consider yourself to be quiet, shy or timid. Possibly you see yourself as introverted or uncomfortable in social situations. There are also socially extroverted individuals who find it hard to fully acknowledge their sensitivity traits.

You have tried to be strong, aggressive or always up and out there, but it never seems to work the way it does for other people. Your intuition tells you that you are self-responsible, and that you seem to know as much as the others do most of the time. Although others see you as reserved, deep inside you have a capacity to care passionately about people and the planet.

You may also be learning, or already know, that you are:

If you said yes to just one of these characteristics you are probably a Highly Sensitive Person, an HSP. Add this site to your Favorites list, or Bookmark it, so that you can come back often to review the information about being an HSP that you can find on these pages. On this website you can learn more about yourself, see that you are not alone and find ways to connect with other HSP people.

Click on HSP Attributes to read a more detailed list of sensitivity characteristics. To read an interesting article written by Thomas Eldridge click on Sensitivity Article. Over on the left side of this page you will find an index of other pages to browse through like the Service Directory to see what kinds of careers HSPs go in for.

'Sensitivities are a blessing
  not a weakness'

Links Page:
A page full of links to other web sites of interest to HSPs at Internet Links.

Service Directory:
Want to work with, or hire the services of an HSP? Curious about the many different and unique ways that sensitive persons work for a living? The Service Directory contains an extensive listing of HSPs offering help and ideas for you about working in the world.

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This sensitively created web site is wonderful.

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