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The Sensitive WordWeavers editing group

For a number of years we had a group of writers and editors who published a weekly email Sensitive newsletter. At it's peak we had 5,000 subscribers and more unpublished material than we knew what to do with. The Internet ISPs at that time were taking initiatives to not send all the email they were requested to. This caused so many headaches with un-delivered email that we ended the newsletter.

This editing group was known as "The Sensitive WordWeavers." One member of the group wrote to me when we were choosing this name: "I like the name Sensitive WordWeavers very much. Partly because our input is used and "Weaved" into the text. Partly because the words "Weave" themselves into the minds of the readers. We create a fabric, a tapestry, with many threads and colors, thanks to your initiative and work. Bless you."

The writing was sometimes mine in the beginning, but quietly evolved into that of many other sensitive writers who participated by submitting their own articles for review and publication. The magical process of working on this project was a joint mystical experience as everyone involved played his or her part in some unique and important way. The end products were usually quite different from the original drafts.

Today I am inviting writers to send in their material for publication on the web site, either in the "More Articles" page or the "Thank You Notes" page. As it was with the Newsletter, your personal experiences are the most appreciated by the readers.

Sensitive Health Book

A second, but very tentative project, is a book possibility, about Sensitivity and Health. The central themes would revolve around being healthy, self-aware, self-responsible and self-sufficient. The ideas that are explored would be relevant to sensitive individuals, families or groups.

These are the currently suggested themes:

The Physical Body

Emotions and Feelings

The Soul's Journey

We would like to hear about your thoughts on the potentials for this project. Send an email to thomas at sensitiveperson dot com and tell us your ideas about what you would like to see in a health book for sensitive people. Tell us what you wished had been in other books you have read. What does health mean to you as a sensitive person? What do you need to know in order to live healthier and to become more appreciative of yourself?

The ideas and drafts for this book project, if it goes ahead, will be worked out as articles, stories and creative material. To facilitate this process we are looking to individuals to volunteer writing and editing time as a co-creative expression of experiences and thoughts. Join us if this feels like part of your path.

Thomas Eldridge

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