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Some Thoughts On Harmony

by Thomas Eldridge

If the only prayer you say in your life is "thank you," that would suffice. - Meister Eckhart

Until the final limit, at the end of our present lifetime, there are some of us who continue to expand our awareness of the ways in which our lifestyle supports, or inhibits, our life and our soul. For some of us, this can become a very individual concern, an intimately personal interest in our own unique situation. If we arrive at this stage of our evolution, and have this depth of self-interest, any further disharmony that we discover in our life compels us to initiate further searching or questioning. We willingly approach the disharmony. We are intimately interested in our own mysterious process. With compassion and appreciation we examine ourselves, take note of our dreams, and listen to the music of our hearts.

During our search for wholeness, fulfillment and contentment we are apt to discover that neither the earth, nor our own soul, is ultimately knowable, understandable or predictable. Over time we may appreciate the importance of simply living within the great mystery of life, which can be both terrifying and fascinating. Whenever we try to closely examine the mystery, it always exceeds our understanding and dwarfs our comprehension. We may be comforted when we become grateful for our ability to experience the mystery in our communion with nature or with another person.

Whenever our experience of life allows us to feel, and be aware of, our close association or relationship, with nature or another human being, we begin to realize that we could never have planned that particular day, or controlled that setting. At best, after the experience is over, we can wonder and marvel about it. We may carry it within our conscious memory, for as long as possible. Usually we cannot retain the wonderful event or scene in our feeling body. By some other mysterious process it can reappear in a dream many years later and all the body feelings are once again felt with the original intensity and magnificence. In some inexplicable way the universe and our souls are in a harmonious, ever changing and spontaneous dance.

In seeing beauty in nature we can see beauty in ourselves. Listening to the wind in the trees can be like hearing the murmuring of our soul. When we are aware of our soul, we can respond to the essence of another person. Making a deep personal contact with another human being and still remaining free, whole, and unconditional is the ultimate experience. Gaining freedom from your past and its influences, and simultaneously feeling oneself a full member of the human community, is a sign of being on a spiritual path leading to harmony, peace and love.

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