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A Different Perspective – A Gift to Share

by Abigail Nosce

Deep down inside, I always sensed I was given a special gift – a gift that I wanted to share with the world, but didn’t always know how. You see, I find myself experiencing life from a different perspective; I become aware of my environment and the people around me in a deep, very meaningful, very personal way. Quite often I find myself awestruck, seduced by the many beautiful facets of life and living that surrounds us daily, but at times am saddened at how many others do not see it – or if they do catch a glimpse, don’t take the time to acknowledge and enjoy it. It’s like there is a veil obstructing the view, subtly cloaking a reality that can be experienced by all, but is easier experienced by the more sensitive.

For example, to many people windy days are “dreadful and menacing,” as they stir up the ions and allergens in the air, make walking more strenuous, mess up a perfectly good hair-do and leave a mess to clean up after passing through. Those are all very good points, but to me, all of that is worth the enjoyment of feeling the coolness of the wind on my face, stroking my hair as it flows through it, tugging at my garments, encapsulating my entire being, lifting my spirits higher and higher until I feel like I am flying. To me the wind feels so alive, so energizing, that I can’t help but to stand still and stretch my arms to feel its powerful might. I feel like skipping around, like a child with a playmate, laughing and playing until my breath is heavy and I grow happily weary. To me experiencing the enjoyment of the wind, merging with it and allowing it to lift my spirits far outweighs the cost it bears.

When I recently shared this experience with some people I know, they looked at me like I was a little… well… Cuckoo. Even though as I was describing it, in their eyes, I could see a fond glimmer, almost like a longing in a way. You see, I believe many people long for the kind of every day experiences that take their breath away and make them feel alive but may not be keen enough to sense the opportunities or are afraid to succumb to the experience for one reason or another (maybe they don’t want people to look at them like they are “Cuckoo”). Whatever the case may be, I feel it’s my calling to help liberate them.

You see, throughout the course of my youth, I had shared my unique perspective with others, many times having been met with mocking and ridicule, being labeled by some as “kind of nerdy,” or “a hopeless optimist,” or my least favorite of labels, “naive.” In retrospect, I think I may have actually honed in on something that felt all too real to my scoffers, they were just too afraid to admit it. Of course this unique perspective did also appeal to a select few along the way, to which I was grateful to have affirmed my sanity. However, being still young, impressionable and generally inexperienced in life, I ultimately allowed the attitudes of my scoffers to change who I was on the outside and stifle the unique person I was on the inside, leading to low self-esteem and self-doubt. And for a period of time, I lost myself.

As I matured, and after a period of trying desperately to live and think more “normally” (to no avail), I finally reached a place where I was utterly exhausted with trying to conform. I made a conscious decision to find my true Self again and the journey thus far has been quite enlightening. This is what I’ve learned: I am a highly sensitive and intuitive being – I physically perceive things differently than many others. But it’s not just me; other people have this trait. Learning those two facts alone has been greatly liberating for me. Although I am not big on labels, somehow classifying myself as an HSP has given me permission not only to embrace my uniqueness, but to take care of myself with the special care that is needed for me to thrive.

Just like other HSPs, I am “thin-skinned” – I am sensitive to and aware of factors in my environment such as light, sound, smell, and others’ moods. My energy is depleted with over-stimulation and I can easily become stressed if I don’t actively practice stress management techniques – triggering migraine headaches or illness. But just like the wind, the joy of being highly sensitive far outweighs the cost. Once I accepted the downsides as being a fact of life for me, I started looking beyond the limitations and towards the potentials.

I now see it like this: Being sensitive allows me to perceive things that others may miss, like seeing the beauty in things, the positives. I can take a moment in time and dissect it; keeping the good for myself and allowing the rest to pass. I can easily connect with the world and its infinite possibilities through my senses and hone in on the things I choose to bring into my reality. I can shine a light on things that on the outside appear ordinary or even abysmal to reveal the beautiful truth behind the veil; opening some eyes, awakening some souls. This is the gift sensitive people can give to the world – revealing to our fellow man the elusive heaven that has been set before us and, through imparting our unique perspective, empowering others to actively partake in this beautiful thing we call Life. Embrace your calling HSPs, your gift is one that is meant to be shared.

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